Friday, August 5, 2011

Flobots and I are very Happy Together

When I first heard this cover of an old "Turtles" song I was completely blown away. From beginning to end, it's one of the best covers ever done. Flobots has totally brought this song back into the mainstream. Here's the song below:

Wait for the ending: (lyrics:)
And I don't know and I can't think
and I'm so smote that I can't see
and I look at the picture I have in my head and
I won't doze and I can't sleep
and it's so good that I'm locked down
and your quotes get put in my thoughts now
and there's nobody else to distract me
cause you've got me on lockdown
and it can't stop and it won't stop
and we rock on leavin shows stopped
so thank you for comin goodnight everyone we're the flobots...

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