Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mama said Knock you out!

Slick ROCK Cover By Ivan Moody and the 5FDP Crew!
It's about time Five Finger Death Punch is bringing that FULL RAP STYLE completely into their sounds...It just makes sense!

Alternative Hip Rock has become a Genre of Music!
Like there aren't 1000s of genres already, right? :-P

Check this out - from an old LL COOL J song...One that I personally grew up loving. Now, I love both versions. Thanks 5FDP & Tech N9NE for bringing this classic back! \nn/

Small preview in this video - listen at the end:

You also gotta check out the new cover they did on "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous side of Hell Vol 2."

They pulled off something sick! WOW! -- House of the Rising Sun ... Really??...Yep! ...And they really modernized it without ruining the original feeling of the song. Amazing!!! Kudos to Five Finger Death Punch!! Also, take a listen at the song "Matter of Time". Another STRONG SONG from that album!!